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Bible ClassWednesday 26-Apr-17 07:30 PM
Bible ClassThursday 27-Apr-17 07:30 PM
Bible ClassSunday 30-Apr-17 09:30 AM

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JAS1-8923-Apr-17James: Chapter One: Analysis of James 1:16, Imperative Mood #9- Verse 16 a Transition Away from Temp ...
JAS1-8823-Apr-17James: Chapter One: Analysis of James 1:15- Summary Principles: Romans 6:23, Analysis of Matthew 5:2 ...
JAS1-8720-Apr-17James: Chapter One: Analysis of James 1:15- The Doctrine of Death: Physical Life; Physical Death; Sp ...
JAS1-8619-Apr-17James: Chapter One: Analysis of James 1:15- Principles from James 1:15; The Illustration of Pregnanc ...
ES17-0216-Apr-17Easter Special: The Power of His Resurrection- Significance of Resurrection as the Lord's Victory; C ...

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