In December of 2012, Pastor Griffin concluded his Christmas message by reciting the poem “The Sign,” which describes the events of Luke 2:7–14.  Later, an anonymous donor commissioned a painting by artist Scott Carson that visually depicts the passage.  The painting The Sign and the poem “The Sign” are now framed and hang in the auditorium of Grace Doctrine Church.

Joe Griffin Media Ministries is now making these two works available to download as a Christmas card.  You may choose from two options: (1) download and printout from your home printer or (2) have this done professionally.

If you choose the latter, we recommend you consider Overnight Prints ( 
If you choose to use the option to Overnight Prints, there is a charge for the cards you order.  However, neither Joe Griffin Media Ministries nor Grace Doctrine Church is associated in any way with Overnight Prints monetarily or otherwise.
Download "The Sign" Christmas Card

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to download the necessary Christmas card files to your computer and use those files to place an order for printed cards from Overnight Printing should you choose to use them to have your own cards made. 

Please be patient when downloading the Christmas card files.  They are large files, so it could take up to several minutes depending on your Internet connection.

the_sign_order  The Sign Cover image fileThe Sign Inside Image fileHow to Order The Sign Christmas CardsVisit Overnight Prints website to place your order